Our Mission:

Certifiable Autonomy.

We are developing a certifiable autopilot that will enable small-scale aircraft to safely transport packages and people within urban areas.


Who We Are

We are a startup based in Connecticut. We have developed autonomy software for companies & organizations such as Sikorsky Aircraft, DARPA and NASA. At the moment we are developing a full autonomy stack for Autonomous Vehicles with certification and reliability at its core. Being able to explain and understand the autonomous system’s decision making at run time is critical to ensuring safe flight.


The urban air mobility (UAM) market is set to revolutionize the transportation of people and goods. Hundreds of air taxis will one day turn your typical 1 hour commute to a mere 15 minutes. New vehicles for this market are being developed right now, but we believe that the greatest challenge that lies ahead is the software that provides partial and full autonomy of these vehicles. Developing this software in a safe, certifiable manner is our goal.

 Importance of Autonomy in UAM